About Us

Hi, and welcome to STEAM Powered Kids! We are a home educating family from the UK and we love creating stuff – especially sciency stuff and artsy stuff! I believe that learning should be made fun – I have one child, in particular, who is a very hands on learner, so we have been able to bring science to life and help his passion for learning blossom! My other child is enthusiastic about pretty much everything so he makes me feel great about my crazy ideas and experiments. With one into science and one very artistic we find that STEAM projects are a perfect, and huge part, of our home ed curriculum.

I have always been creative – I take after my mama who is one of my biggest cheerleaders. I have a ridiculous amount of resources at home and never have a normal shopping list.

I hope you will find something interesting to do with your kids, pretty much all our experiments are simple – it’s the science behind them that makes them even more awesome! Keep checking back in for new ideas and updates.