Winter Trees Art

As a family, one of our favourite things to do is to go walking. We are outside, exploring, most days no matter what the weather. One of my favourite quotes is as follows…

We have had the pleasure of seeing some amazing scenery this winter, while we’ve not had a lot of snow where we are, we have had a fair bit of frost and one day in particular, last week, was absolutely stunning.

While we were exploring this beautiful park, I was reminded of a project that we did a while ago and wanted to share it with you. It’s another pretty simple one, but very effective. We used this video for our inspiration, along with this blog post.

This is a list of items you will need for this project:

I will post pictures with instructions to make your winter artwork:

This tape will peel easier off your paper and doesn’t bleed when colour is applied. (We tried with regular masking tape and the results weren’t as good. It either peeled the top layer of paper or the colour really bled underneath it).
I had these liquid watercolours already in my stash but the link I posted gives them at a more reasonable price.
We started by masking off our trees with Frogtape
Using the pipette droppers, we splashed two shades of blue liquid watercolour over the top of our trees.
Next we dipped chunky paint brushes in water and swept them over the ink.
While the ink is still wet, take your salt and grind or sprinkle it over the top.
Now let your painting dry, preferably overnight, and then brush all the excess salt off. (The larger patterns are created with the coarse salt. The bottom right is the effect from the table salt).
Peel off your Frogtape
Then using a fine paint brush, add details to your trees with the leftover, watered down, watercolour.

As we were creating our artwork, we were able to talk about the physical changes between the salt and the liquid watercolour. When the salt is sprinkled onto the wet paper, it absorbs the water, leaving behind the pigment to create interesting patterns and visual textures.

I hope you enjoy this simple process and maybe even give it a try.

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